Dutchies - Vincent


I am Holland’s most talented painter but unfortunately, just like Rembrandt and Van Gogh, my Art will most likely be recognized after I’m long gone..

Dutchies - Kissing Pair

Kissing Pair

After our king and queen, we are Holland’s second most beloved couple. We will guide you through our cultural differences and teach you how to fit in perfectly in our culture.

Dutchies - Biker Circle 1


Holland is also known as the country of the bikers, and I am the fastest Biker of them all! I travelled all across the Netherlands on bike and saw the most beautiful places. This means that I can tell you which places are a definite need-to-see!

Dutchies - football

Soccer Player

Soccer (We prefer the term “football”) is a big sport in the Netherlands, and I am Hollands best! We might not have the best World Cup reputation, but that is due to the fact that I’ve always been a benchwarmer! The plus side is that I’ve been able to analyze the whole game from there, so I can surely tell you all about it.

Dutchies - Leeghwater


The Dutch claim to be the best at water management. After al.. most of Holland should be under water! Thanks to my knowledge it’s not, and we can safely live here! I will explain and simplify the whole water management process!

Dutchies - Kaasklerk Circle

Cheese Clerk

I am THE Dutchie you want to talk to when it comes to our cheeses. I have the secret to the best cheese recipes and it’s processes.